Amoris Teardrop Earring

SKU - Amo/Ros/Moo/Str
Moonstone is associated with your Solar Plexus chakra. It is a kind of love stone. It helps to attract the opposite sex. It strengthens understanding between couples and allow relationship to be more harmonious, happy and joyful. It has a deep emotional healing function, which helps to improve EQ, soothe emotional fluctuations and restore inner peace. It is especially beneficial for women during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Putting it under the pillow may help to improve sleep, and get adequate rest.
Strawberry Quartz is associated with your Heart chakra, known as the master of love – others can also feel the existence of your love. It enhances personal charm and harmony, improve interpersonal relationship and attract good marriages. It also helps with clear thinking and calms the mind. It increases performance for people who are doing sales.
Rose Quartz is associated with your Heart chakra. It attracts love, promote popularity and makes people around you love you. It improves interpersonal relationship with the people around you, be it personal or professional. It relieves tension, irritability and emotional troubles. It also deepens the heart and allows you to discover self-enhancement. It strengthens relationship between couples, and brings you a happy love life.
Gold-filled, Moonstone, Strawberry Quartz and Rose Quartz
Length: 3cm
Width: 1cm
Each piece is handmade by Felicidade, for the unique you. There may be slight imperfections and no two pieces will be exactly the same.
Due to many variations in monitors and browsers, the actual colours of the products may appear different from screen to screen.
Every purchase comes with an anti-tarnish paper tab and a lint-free cloth.

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